Say hello to our 2022 Split shop team

Say hello to our 2022 Split shop team

Summer is here and we are ready to welcome you in our Trogirska 8 shop in Split with some familiar faces - myself (Mirela) and my partner in crime, Leonard.

We also have two new team members this year - Marie is from Lyon, France and she is doing her internship with us until July. And last, but not least, we recently welcomed Split-native Zara to our team, she is a medicine student and here with us throughout the summer. 

All four of us are looking forward to see you here in our Split shop, with our summer 2022 promotion: FREE ENGRAVING ON THE SPOT!

Handwritten Engraving Now Available

Handwritten Engraving Now Available

We are happy to announce a new and exciting personalized engraving option for our nautical bracelets! You can now engrave a handwritten message on any of our shackle bracelets and magnetic bracelets, as well as on the 4cm anchor bracelets and the 3cm anchor bracelets.

You can use a thick black marker to write or draw the message you want to engrave, and then take a photo or scan the page with the text/drawing and upload it on the product page of the bracelet you choose. 

And yes, this engraving type is also FREE for the time being (but not forever). We cannot wait to see what your creativity and imagination will come up with!

Free Engraving & Free Shipping

Free Engraving & Free Shipping

Our most popular combo promotion is back! Enjoy free engraving and free shipping for Croatia and the rest of the European countries, as well as UK, US and more.

The free engraving offer is also valid in our Trogirska 8 shop in Split, Croatia and it applies for one engraving on any bracelet. Find out more about Engraving.

The free shipping applies for all orders over 25 euros. For Croatia, free shipping is with DPD fast courier, while for the rest of the countries we have free shipping with registered Croatian Post. For all countries we still have paid fast shipping options, as well. See our Shipping Policy.

Couple gifts engraved bracelet love infinity nautical

Über 100 Gravurideen für Armbänder für alle Arten von Geschenken und Anlässen

Ja, wir wissen, der Valentinstag rückt näher und Sie suchen nach dem perfekten Geschenk für eine besondere Person (Liebhaber, bester Freund, Mutter, Vater, Bruder, Schwester etc. ). Wie wäre es also, wenn Sie ihnen ein maßgefertigtes und individuell graviertes Armband besorgen? (Und vielleicht besorgst du dir ein passendes, denn wir haben bis Ende Februar 25 % Rabatt für zwei beliebige Armbänder.)

Sobald du dich für das Armband entschieden hast, kommt jetzt die Frage: Was soll ich darauf gravieren? ? Nun, lesen Sie mehr über unsere Gravuroptionen und lassen Sie uns einige Vorschläge machen, um Ihre Inspiration anzuregen!

Wir haben eine Liste großartiger Gravuren für Ihren Lebenspartner, Ihre Eltern, Ihre Tochter/Ihren Sohn, Schwester/Bruder und natürlich für sich selbst.

25% discount for any two bracelets

25% Rabatt für zwei beliebige Armbänder

Feiern Sie den Monat der Liebe mit 25% Rabatt für zwei beliebige Armbänder!

So können Sie einen für sich selbst und einen für eine besondere Person in Ihrem Leben bekommen - Liebhaber, Eltern, Schwester, Bruder, Schwiegermutter, beste Freundin oder Lieblingskollegin.

Oder du holst dir einfach zwei zum #mixandmatch, denn warum nicht?

Das Angebot gilt online und in unserem Geschäft Trogirska 8 in Split bis Ende Februar.

Introducing the original 3mm ROYAL by Break Time® shackle bracelets

Introducing the original 3mm ROYAL by Break Time® shackle bracelets

The  ROYAL by Break Time® nautical bracelets are handmade in our atelier in Split, Croatia using an originally designed 3mm stainless steel shackle (available in silver, rose gold, yellow gold and matte black) and 3mm sailing rope.

One other novelty of the Royal collection is that both the up side and the bottom side of the adjust bar can be engraved (we have moved our logo in a more discreet position, on a lateral square side of the adjust bar).

And until end of January we are offering you the bottom engraving for free!

Christmas 2021 custom engraved bracelets

Start ins Weihnachtsgeschäft 2021!

Sie können nichts falsch machen, wenn Sie sich für ein lokal handgefertigtes personalisiertes Geschenk entscheiden. Um Ihnen bei Ihren Weihnachtseinkäufen zu helfen, bieten wir Ihnen bis Ende Dezember 2021 20% Rabatt auf alle nautischen Armbänder von Break Time und eine kostenlose individuelle Gravur! Das Angebot gilt im Online-Shop, sowie in unserem Trogirska 8 Shop in Split (wir haben Montag bis Samstag von 10 bis 18 Uhr geöffnet).
Save Marine Life Croatia - Break Time and Blue World Institute

Save Marine Life : 14.000 HRK Donated To Date

As you know, we are partnered up with Blue World Institute since September 2018, and the price for each engraving of a sea turtle, dolphin, sea ray, shark or whale we are donating to them (minus the 25% VAT that is collected by the Croatian state).

From the beginning of our partnership, our amazing customers ordered Save Marine Life engravings in total value of 11446,4 HRK and we donated to date a total of 14.000 HRK to show our support for the work Blue World Institute based in Velj Losinj island is doing. 

NEW colours for the Yacht Club anchor bracelets!


We are always trying to add to our already impressive (so we are told :) array of colours for the Yacht Club anchor bracelets' collections. Today we just added a couple new amazing colours for the Yacht Club mini anchor bracelets and quite a few more for the Yacht Club medium anchor bracelets. We recently added also some more to the Yacht Club big anchor bracelets, too. 

To see the new additions, go to the respective collection and choose to sort it from Date: New to Old.

Enjoy also our summer discounts: 10% off for 2 bracelets with code 10OFF, 15% for 3 with code 15OFF and 20% for 4 with code 20OFF. Shipping is free to EU, UK, US, Canada and Australia for orders over 50 euros.

Summer offer for your favourite nautical bracelets! | Break Time

Sommerangebot für Ihre Lieblings-Seearmbänder!

Because you can never have too many Break Time nautical bracelets, enjoy our summer 2021 deal, in our online store, as well as in our Trogirska 8 Split Atelier & Outlet Store!

Get 10% discount for any 2 nautical bracelets with code 10OFF at check-out, 15% discount with code 15OFF if you buy any 3 bracelets and -20% for any 4 or more nautical bracelets, with code 20OFF.

The same discounts are available in our Trogirska 8 Split shop, where we additionally have 50% discount for a wide selection of OUTLET bracelets, so if you are in Split or planning to visit this summer, make sure to stop by!

Turn your old Break Time nautical bracelet into a brand new one! | Break Time

Verwandeln Sie Ihr altes nautisches Armband von Break Time in ein brandneues!

The shackles, anchors and mini boats we use for our Break Time nautical bracelets are made of stainless steel. Therefore, they can last a lifetime.

The rope, on the other hand, can become discoloured or have "worn" signs. So, if you want to replace an old and used rope for a Break Time shackle bracelet or for an anchor bracelet, or if you ordered a custom engraved Break Time shackle bracelet that turned out to be too small/too big and you would want us to use the shackle and just replace the rope...we can do that for you, just click here for details!

We now offer engraving for the SEAMAN nautical bracelets | Break Time

Wir bieten jetzt Gravuren für die SEAMAN-Armbänder an

Aufgrund der hohen Anzahl von Gravuranfragen für die Seemannsarmbänder von Seaman für Männer haben wir eine Lösung gefunden, um eine kleinere Gravur (nur ein oder zwei Zeichen) an der Seite des dekorativen Kompasses anzubringen - wie Sie auf dem Foto sehen können.

Der Preis für diese Gravur beträgt 10 Euro, aber im Rahmen unserer aktuellen Aktion können Sie sie kostenlos erhalten.