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YACHT CLUB Anchor Bracelets

YACHT CLUB Anchor Bracelets

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Introducing the YACHT CLUB by Break Time® anchor bracelets, a unisex collection of adjustable bracelets that comes in three anchor sizes to fit wrists of all sizes. Handcrafted to perfection by our artisan in sunny Split, Croatia, these bracelets are a true statement piece that cannot go unnoticed.

Choose from our selection of silver, rose gold, yellow gold, and black anchor colours to match with dozens of striking colours of paracord rope. The 4cm big anchor bracelets are perfect for bigger wrists, while the medium (3cm) anchor bracelets look best on medium size wrists and are the preferred choice for women. The 2cm stainless steel anchor variant fits perfectly on any wrist size, even for smaller kids.

Each bracelet features an originally designed anchor by Attila Kim & Bogdan Ciocodeica, The YACHT CLUB Collection Designers. "Taking its inspiration from the classical anchor, The YACHT CLUB Collection is a minimalist reinterpretation. Simple lines, clean surfaces for a more contemporary feel, yet embracing the history behind the symbol and upgrading the functional needs of the object, thus forging a timeless piece that invites you to be part of The Club."

Make your YACHT CLUB bracelet even more unique by engraving a special message on the anchor body. The YACHT CLUB by Break Time® anchor bracelets are the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one who loves to sail, travel or just loves the sea. Waterproof and highly resistant, these bracelets are not just stylish but also practical for any adventure.

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