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Maintenance & Care

All Break Time jewellery is handcrafted with highly resistant stainless steel or titanium steel, and EU-made sailing ropes of US-made original paracord, therefore they are highly resistant to wear and tear, as well as repeated contact with water, so they do not necessitate a lot of maintenance.

If the paracord gets dirty, you can wash the bracelet with warm water and soap (you can also let it soak for half an hour in soapy water and then rinse it well) and for the sailing rope you can also use a small brush (an old toothbrush, for instance). Also, as a reminder, we offer the option to replace an old rope and give your bracelet new life.

The metal part of the bracelet is either stainless steel or titanium steel, so it will not tarnish. The black plated, 18K gold plated and 18K rose gold plated versions are also highly resistant, PVD plating can last up to 10 years. In time, the metal parts of the Break Time jewellery can get a cool jagged look if they come in contact often to hard abrasive surfaces, but they will keep their sturdiness.

When storing your bracelet, make sure it is completely dry.