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Size Guide

YACHT CLUB, SAILOR & CHARMED Collections - One Size Fits All

All our wrap bracelets are universal size - meaning that they are 100% adjustable and they will fit any wrist size. All you have to do is - for the first time when you wear the bracelet - slide one of both knots up or down, in order to make the bracelet longer or shorter, so it can fit your wrist to perfection - as we explain in this video:

SEAMAN, CAPTAIN, CORSAIR, WAVES, RECYCLED, ADRIATICA, ROYAL Shackle Bracelets - How to find the correct bracelet size

Our shackle bracelets have an rectangle shaped bar that makes the bracelet adjustable by either 0.5 cm (the 3mm and 4mm shackle bracelets) or 1 cm (the 5mm shackle bracelets).

So basically each of our shackle bracelets has two sizes, which makes then slightly adjustable, but not completely adjustable. That means you need to measure your wrist before ordering, and we have below clear instructions on how to do that:

Please measure the WRIST as we explain in the video above and not the length of a watch or another bracelet you own.

The newest Break Time bracelets, from the OCEAN collection, are also adjustable, by up to 2-3 cm.

What if I am buying a bracelet as a gift?

We suggest the wrap bracelets from the Yacht Club, Sailor or Charmed collections as the best choice for a gift (since they can be adjusted to fit any wrist size).

If you want to buy a shackle bracelet as a gift, you may use the estimated sizes as below, unless you can get the wrist measurement for the person you want to get the gift for. 

How to Choose The Size For a Woman's Shackle Bracelet

  • 15.5-16 cm (S - small wrist for women)
  • 16.5-17 cm (M - medium wrist for women)
  • 17.5-18 cm (L - a larger wrist for women)

How to Choose The Size For a Man's Shackle Bracelet

  • 17-18 cm (S- thinner wrists for men)
  • 18-19 cm (M- medium wrist for men)
  • 19-20 (L - large wrist for men)
  • 20-21 (XL - very large wrist for men)

We also make on special order bracelets for sizes smaller than 15 cm or larger than 21 cm - and you can contact us for such custom orders, but please double check the size you need since we do not accept returns for these custom made sizes!

Can I return the order if it is the wrong size?

Yes, we have FREE RETURNS, with the exception of custom made sizes (smaller than 15 cm or bigger than 21 cm) and custom engraved bracelets.