OCEAN by Break Time Signature Jewellery

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Crafted from titanium steel, a highly resistant, waterproof and hypoallergenic metal, the OCEAN signature shackle bracelets and necklaces are available in silver, 18K rose gold plated, 18K yellow gold plated and black plated finishes.

This unique designer jewelry is perfect for both men and women and it comes in two different shackle sizes. The Ocean mini features a 5mm original shackle and it can also be adorned with one or more Ocean charms, while the Ocean maxi features a 10mm original shackle design. 

In line with the latest jewelry trends, the OCEAN by Break Time Signature Jewellery also showcases a playful twist with vibrant paracord woven throughout the design, creating a mesmerizing contrast that complements the sleekness of titanium steel.

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