Meet the Break Time team!

Meet the Break Time team!


Break Time nautical bracelets are each handmade with love and passion by this guy in the above photo. His name is Ionut and he is a telecommunication engineer who loves... building houses. And sea & sailing, as you can see (and our cat, which you can see on our Instagram quite often). Around January 2015, Ionut started to make nautical bracelets for fun. I liked them (of course), but then our friends liked them, too... and that was the start of a beautiful venture :)


That would be me - partner in love and crime (kidding!) with the cool Break Time designer. I don't have the patience to even watch him while making the bracelets and key-chains, but I used to be a journalist and a PR, so I am helping with promoting and selling the wonderful nautical things that Ionut is making. we are! Nice meeting YOU! And we hope you have already or will soon join the Break Time club ;)

For any questions, we are one e-mail ( away!