Hello, August! Free engraving is back!

Hello, August! Free engraving is back!

Starting August 1st, save 10 euros for each engraving you will add to your new Break Time nautical bracelets! Choose to engrave a name, a motto, a special date, geographical coordinates where you met your soulmate, your favourite animal, a black and white design of your own...let your imagination fly high!

Free personalized engraving on nautical bracelets


On standard, the box where you can add the engraving option (on each product page) allows for 5-10 characters (depending on the bracelet collection). So in case what you want to engrave does not fit this box, drop us an email at office@break-time.hr and we will be happy to assist. 

If you want to engrave a drawing of an object/animal etc...we need the jpg to be of good quality and black/white (white background, black lines).

The only types of engravings that are not free during this promotion are those from our Save Marine Life campaign - dolphin, whale, shark, sea ray and sea turtle. The money (10 euros minus 25% Croatian VAT) from these engravings goes to Blue World Institute in Croatia.