Starting 2020 with Exciting Plans For A Jewelry Franchise

Starting 2020 with Exciting Plans For A Jewelry Franchise

We just celebrated - in December - four years since the opening of our first shop in Split, Croatia. Since then, we have been expanding across the Adriatic Coast, from Dubrovnik to Istria (Porec and Rovinj), as well as in Zagreb. 

During these four years, we have also constantly received requests for distribution not just from Croatian shops, but also from literally everywhere in the world, from Dubai to Costa Rica. Since all Break Time products were handmade by my partner - our brand artisan, Leonard Copoiu, we very rarely agreed to have a presence in third-party stores.

During this time, we have constantly improved on our products, innovated and added new collections, while - at the same time - learning more and more about managing a growing retail business, what works and what doesn't, how to improve and how to meet and exceed customers' expectations. 

We have realized that there is a trending and niche market for original handmade products, such as our quality nautical jewellery and also for monobrand brick-and-mortar stores offering great shopping experiences, just the two of us (me and my partner, Leonard) opening more stores is not going to be sustainable.

So we have decided to change the direction of our business and move to a different path: franchising!

The first thing we had to do was scale back on our own shops, so - starting 2020 - we are only keeping our two Split stores (Trogirska 8 and Zadarska 1), because living in Split makes it easier to manage these two shops and also because we already have good, reliable teams in these two shops.

This change will allow us to keep our focus on producing exquisite quality handmade nautical jewellery (of course, Leonard will continue to make part of the products himself and he will also have a team around him to help with the production, while he will still be the one supervising each and every one of the Break Time items being made) and grow our brand through like-minded entrepreneurs such as ourselves, who are looking to invest in a proven business idea and open their own franchise Break Time stores in tourist-oriented coastal towns across the world. 

So, watch this space! We are working on the final details and we will launch the Break Time franchise before the end of January - and if you would like to invest in a new business opportunity that:

  • Is easy to run, even if you have little experience in retail
  • Has proven business results and brings waves of success - fast
  • Belongs to an attractive, niche market
  • Sells unique products that have taken the market by the storm

...then click on the link below, choose one of the available date/times, fill in the questionnaire as accurately and in detail as you can, and get a FREE DISCOVERY CALL with the Break Time brand owners (myself and Leonard Copoiu), to help you decide if this business is right for you.

Mirela Rus